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About Us
The COSMOS BATHING SYSTEM is a shampoo dispensing system which can cut your shampoo usage by up to 50%! You put your diluted shampoo in the stainless steel tanks, then the compressor pressurizes the tank and when you squeeze the sprayer you get a strong, steady stream of shampoo that you can spray on the pet. The sprayer will spray upside down to get shampoo applied to those hard to reach areas. It is a variable pressure sprayer, so you control the power of the shampoo stream. The COSMOS BATHING SYSTEM makes bathing easier and less stressful for your bather and saves on the amount of shampoo that you use. By having the shampoo evenly distributed over the pet, it speeds up washing time.
We stand behind our system 100%. Whether you need repair or replacement*, we are here to help.
Cosmos Bathing Systems                            1-866-974-3787                   email: cosmosbathingsystems@yahoo.com
The Faster and Easier way to Bathe!
*Fees apply if you own your system. If you rent, there are no additional fees