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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I need a system for each type of product?
    No, you only need a separate tank with sprayer for each type. One compressor can operate multiple tanks.
  • Do I need to have a system at each tub?
    No, you only need one system and it can operate at multiple tubs.
  • Is the Cosmos System only for mobile groomers?
    No, while the system works great in mobiles, it works just as well in brick and mortar Salons.
  • Can I use conditioner, face wash or ear cleaner in the tank?
    Yes! Any dilutable product can be used in tanks.(no need to dilute ear cleaner)
  • Do I have to use a certain Shampoo brand?
    No, you may use ANY products that you prefer.
  • If I rent the Cosmos System, can I buy it later?
    Yes, you may purchase the system at any time.
  • How often do I clean the Cosmos System?
    We recommend rinsing the tank at the end of the day and disinfecting the tank, lines and sprayer once a week. Always make sure to rinse well before filling with product.
  • Does the Cosmos System have to be next to the tub(s)?
    No, you can put the compressor and/or tanks anywhere, running tubing to each tub.
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