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Save time. Save water. Save money.

The COSMOS BATHING can cut your shampoo usage by up to 50%! Simply fill the stainless steel tanks with your diluted shampoo solution, then let the compressor pressurize the tank.  In moments you'll have a steady stream of suds that's strong enough for the dirtiest jobs, yet gentle enough to spray directly on the pet. The ergonomic, variable-pressure spray gun gives you control of the spray intensity and even works upside down, allowing you to apply shampoo to all those hard to reach areas! The COSMOS BATHING SYSTEM makes bathing easier and less stressful, decreases the amount of shampoo needed for each wash, and improves wash-time efficiency.

Most importantly: We stand behind our system 100%. Whether you need repair or replacement*, we are here to help.

Shampoo tanks available in 3 sizes







tank disconnects
Top of the shampoo tanks
Features Include:

  • 3 and 5 and 10 gallon tanks available


  • Gets shampoo in those hard to reach places


  • Valuable for any size facility, shop or mobile van


  • Custom Installation!


  • Toll Free support and service


  • Multiple colored sprayers for quick & easy product identification


  • No more messy bottles!


  • Bathing is now less physically demanding


  • Environmentally friendly! Conserves water and shampoo!


  • Apply shampoo from any angle, even upside down!


  • Delivers a lifetime of service!


  • Works with any shampoo or cream rinse


  • Serving groomers for over 35 years!


  • No additional plumbing needed


  • Simple to operate


  • One system can be used for ALL of your tubs!







*Fees apply if you own your system.

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