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Gast Air Compressor pressurizes the Cosmos Bathing System and is regulated to the system's specifications. Compressors are available New $468 or Used $234; used compressor is reconditioned and tested. If you return your old compressor, you will receive a $50.00 credit.

Air compressor

PriceFrom $234.00
  • Air Compressor comes with a 1 year guarantee, whether new or used. We will ship you a replacement compressor and a prepaid label to return defective compressor. Guaranteed against normal defects. We will not warranty compressor if used for something other than the Cosmos Bathing System or is neglect is found in returned defective compressor.

  • Cosmos Bathing Systems will exchange the Air Compressor if something is wrong with the compressor. If customer returns for any other reason, shipping will be applied. 

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