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Cosmos Bathing Systems

Save time, save water, save money

Making bathing easy since 1985!

Welcome to Cosmos Bathing Systems!

In 1985 Cosmos Bathing System introduced the first pet shampoo system, which was engineered to make the bathing process easier for groomers and pets alike. Groomers, bathers, kennels, breeders, and pet grooming schools who use the system appreciate saving money on shampoo usage, along with spending less time diluting and rinsing. Staci Adam Allen continues to assist groomers by making the chore of bathing easier and more cost effective through this product.

Having a Bath

"I absolutely love my Cosmos Bathing System and I wish I would have gotten it years ago!"

- Valeria, owner of Florida Dog With Style

"I like that Cosmos is a family owned, American made business. Staci goes above and beyond with her top notch customer service. The Cosmos will save you money and shampoo and time washing your dogs or cats in your grooming salon. Love the stainless steel that does not grow bateria or fungus and the tank seals tight. You literally cannot go wrong with the Cosmos Bathing System for any bathing needs, dog, cat, horse, salon, self-serve, etc."

- Jackie, owner of Jackie's Grooming in TN

From Our Clients...

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